A Change of Heart is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Change of Heart Bestowal

" Federic Seychelle, the betrothed of Arlie Edrald, has asked for my assistance in locating the Edrald family. He returned to prepare for his wedding to find that they had mysteriously vanished from their estate. "



  • Search the Manor House
  • Search Dulkhi's Quarters
  • Talk to Federic Seychelle
  • Search Windmill
  • Search the Windmill
  • Enter the Undercroft
  • Investigate the Undercroft
  • Attunement Failed
  • Achieve Minor Attunement
  • Achieve Major Attunement
  • Achieve Final Attunement
  • Enter the Daedric Portal
  • Talk to Arlie Edrald
  • Save Allan Edrald
  • Save Krisandra Edrald
  • Rescue the Edrald Family
  • Defeat Velark
  • Destroy the Sigil Stone

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