Archaic Relics


Flyleaf Catacombs, Lorkrata Ruins, Sanguine Barrows


Arkay's Vambraces
Average Leveled Gold

Archaic Relics is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Knights of Arkay search for holy relics to help combat the rising undead threat spreading throughout Rivenspire. So far, the knights have yet to return.



  • Alvaren Garoutte at Old Kalgon's Keep



  • Find Alvaren Garoutte next to the road near Old Kalgon's Keep.
  • Find one of the knights of Arkay in Sanguine Barrows.
  • Find the second knight in Flyleaf Catacombs.
  • Find the third knight in Lorkrata Ruins.
  • Return to Alvaren.




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    • Anonymous
      nice knights of the round table reference27 Aug 2016 11:26  

      cesabelle is basically Percival and the holy relics are the holy grail

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