Archaic Relics is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Archaic Relics Bestowal

" Knights of Arkay search for holy relics to help combat the rising undead threat spreading throughout Rivenspire. So far, the knights have yet to return. "



  • Find Edweg
  • Talk to Edweg
  • Search Saint Marben's Grave
  • Find the Fingerbone of Saint Marben
  • Find Matthiaume
  • Read Matthiaume's Note
  • Search Saint Ellenica's Grave
  • Find Saint Ellenica's Prayer Book
  • Find Cesabelle
  • Find Scythe Blade of Saint Octavien
  • Talk to Cesabelle

    • Anonymous

      nice knights of the round table reference27 Aug 2016 17:26  

      cesabelle is basically Percival and the holy relics are the holy grail

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