Rusty Daggers


Silverhoof Vale


Darkstride Silverhoof Loop
High Leveled Gold

Rusty Daggers is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A crew I once helped in Glenumbra was hired to hunt harpies in Silverhoof Vale. They may need my help to complete the job. [If you have previously encountered the Daggers]
A crew hired to hunt harpies in Silverwood Vale may need my help to complete the job. [If this is the first time you help out the Daggers]



  • Bumnog in Silverhoof Vale



  • Speak to Bumnog just outside the vale.
  • Find one of the Remly brothers.
  • Set out some harpy traps and find the other Remly brother.
  • Return to the camp.
  • Defend the vale against a surprise attack.
  • Return to the camp and talk to Bumnog.
  • Make your choice to either lie or tell the truth to the village elder.






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