Puzzle of the Pass


Shrouded Pass


Ayleid Greatsword
Very High Leveled Gold

Puzzle of the Pass is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

We put an end to Reezal-Jul and Lleraya. Now we need to deal with Baron Montclair. But to reach Montclair in his citadel atop the Doomcrag, we first need to find a way through the Shrouded Pass.



  • Baron Alard Dorell in Northpoint;
  • Count Verandis Ravenwatch near the Staging Grounds Wayshrine



  • Meet Verandis Ravenwatch at the foot of the Doomcrag.
  • Reach the first portal chamber.
  • Reach the second portal chamber.
  • Talk to Baron Dorell.
  • Talk to Verandis Ravenwatch.






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