The Blood-Cursed Town




Reezal-Jul's Necrotic Robes of Necropotence
High Leveled Gold

The Blood-Cursed Town is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The town of Crestshade has been subjected to a blood-curse that turned the townsfolk feral. While some refugees were able to escape to the south, the mayor remained behind to aid any survivors.



  • Gurhul gra-Khazgur, Toura, Michel Gette



  • Head to the town of Crestshade and speak to the spirit of Mayor Gette.
  • Retrieve personal items of the mayor, the mage and the scholar.
  • Go to the chapel crypts and witness the ritual.
  • Defeat the abomination.
  • Bury the personal items.
  • Speak to Mayor Gette.




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