The Blood-Cursed Town is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Blood-Cursed Town Bestowal

" The town of Crestshade has been subjected to a blood-curse that turned the townsfolk feral. While some refugees were able to escape to the south, the mayor remained behind to aid any survivors. "



  • Talk to the Mayor
  • Talk to Mayor Gette
  • Talk to Scholar Jonne
  • Talk to Mage Tharlas
  • Find the Mage's Staff
  • Find the Spirits' Focus Items
  • Find the Mayor's Badge
  • Find the Scholar's Skull
  • Enter the Chapel Crypts
  • Place Focus Items on Altar
  • Set Spirits of Crestshade Free
  • Take Staff
  • Take the Personal Items
  • Take Skull
  • Take Badge
  • Bury the Items
  • Go to Crestshade

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