Unsafe Haven


Grahtwood,  Fisherman's Isle, Haven, The Aquifer


Jackdaw's Galoshes
High Leveled Gold

Unsafe Haven is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Haven, the largest port on the Long Coast, has been taken by a powerful band of pirates!



  • Captain Jimila, Lieutenant Kazargi, Norendo



  • Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  • Find out where Lord Gharesh-ri has gone.
  • Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.
  • Investigate the pirate leaders.
  • Locate the Aquifer.
  • Find a way into the fort.
  • Open the gate.
  • Stop the ritual in the Fighters Guild.
  • Talk to Lieutenant Kazargi.
  • Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri.




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