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      20 Aug 2017 09:26  

      Quest: Flipping the Coin, 2nd part
      If you select "Gold and glory"
      Shan-ra: "Aha! How mercenary! You hear taht Valirr? Your agent wants gold! And will have it.
      I am relieved. I thaought you might ask me not to call the Thalmor. This will cost me much less, in the long run."
      Hero options:
      1) Thank you.
      2) Actually, don't call in the Thalmor. Allow the Hollow Moon to continue its operations in Redfur.
      3) Goodbye.
      Select option 1:
      Shan-ra: "A modest sum, yes? And I will tell our associates of your daring plunder! Greedy Khajiit from all over Elsweyr will stumble over themselves contracting your services!"
      Reward: 664 gold and Hollow Moon Cowl (704 max stamina, https://esoitem.uesp.net/itemLink.php?itemid=1664&summary )

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