Bosmer Insight


Grahtwood, Brackenleaf, Sacred Leap Grotto


Brackenleaf's Bough
Very High Leveled Gold

Bosmer Insight is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

I've discovered an order of hunters called Brackenleaf's Briars. They protect a tree they say was planted by Y'ffre at the creation of the world.



  • Eringor, Glaras



  • Talk to Glaras about becoming a Brackenleaf Briar.
  • Ignite the braziers.
  • Perform the ritual.
  • Choose your spirit animal, hunt your prey and confront your predator.
  • Take a piece of Brackenleaf's heart.
  • Pray at your spirit animal's shrine.




  • Video Guide: Click here 
  • Trivia, player notes,videos, fan art and such go here.



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