The Unquiet Dead


Grahtwood, Ossuary of Telacar


Telacar's Sustaining Helm
Very High Leveled Gold

The Unquiet Dead is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Explorers from the Mages Guild awoke an ancient threat at the Ossuary of Telacar. Undead creatures have slain or captured many within their expedition.



  • Valarril or Guild Acolyte



  • Talk to Valarril.
  • Find and free the acolytes.
  • Examine the Bone Scepter in the Base Camp.
  • Defeat the Pale Sentinel.
  • Recover Vastarie's wards.
  • Pursue Telacar.
  • Decide who to bind with the Bone Sceptor.




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