Pact Advocate


Grahtwood, Karthdar


Very High Leveled Gold

Pact Advocate is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Nature itself has turned against the Bosmer village of Karthdar and its citizens are desperate to restore peace.



  • Alandis or Mollorn near Karthdar



  • Get the quest from either Alandis or Mollorn near Karthdar.
  • Talk to Treethane Rolon.
  • Conduct your investigations.
  • Present your findings to Treethane Rolon.
  • Execute the Treethane's ruling.




  • Video Guide: Click here 
  • Alandis will run up to you when you are in the area, you then can proceed to a cave to start 
    Evidence as follows: 
    • Evidence against Aranak
      • Lightning Charred Rock, right next to the burnt cart.
      • Khajiti Merchant's Invoice, on top of a barrel in the trading stall by the burned cart

    • Evidence against Spinner Eranas
      • Spinner's Broken Sigil, find it in the center of the village by a Stag Stone
      • Plant Cutting, in the water pot the Spinner Family House.

    • Evidence against Gathiel
      • Gathiel's Astrology Chart, left inside Treethane Rolon's House
      • Gathiel's Diary, by the sleeping mats in the Spinner Family House.



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