Scars Never Fade


Grahtwood, The Gray Mire


Mother Lightning's Spur
Very High Leveled Gold

Scars Never Fade is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Dominion soldiers erected barricades around a tribe of Argonian refugees living in the Gray Mire. Officer Parwinel needs help resolving the Argonians' situation.



  • Officer Parwinel, Soldier Alque, Soldier Cularalda, Long-Cast



  • Talk to Officer Parwinel.
  • Convince Slim-Jah, No-Fingers and Uta-Tei to talk to you.
  • Attend the meeting.
  • Find and kill hunters along the shore.
  • Talk to No-Fingers outside of the sea cave.
  • Kill the enemies inside the sea cave.
  • Talk to No-Fingers in the Gray Mire.
  • Talk to Officer Parwinel.




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