Enemies at the Gate


Grahtwood, Reman's Bluff, Barkbite Stronghold


Average Leveled Gold

Enemies at the Gate is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

I met the Wood Orcs of Barkbite Stronghold in Reman's Bluff. They have come under attack from raiders and gradually weakened by an unknown source. I should work with Shaman Bogham to track down the source. [if taken from Barkbite]
I found bandit orders detailing a plan to attack Barkbite Stronghold in Reman's Bluff. I should do what I can to stop the bandit attacks. [if the note is found]



  • Wear Them Down (note) or Sharnag gro-Barkbite



  • Talk to Sharnag gro-Barkbite.
  • Talk to Shaman Bogham inside the longhouse.
  • Gather samples of food, water, and clothes and bring them to Shaman Bogham.
  • Collect a venom sac from a Broodmother in the mine for Shaman Bogham.
  • Talk to Namoroth just inside the mine entrance.
  • Fight off the invading bandits.
  • Return to Shaman Bogham.




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