Ancient Stones


Grahtwood, Tarlain Heights


Abaede Pauldrons
Low Leveled Gold

Ancient Stones is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

Quest Information

Eminaire, a scholar studying dialects of the Ayleidoon language, asked me to travel west to the coast to look for fragments of a tablet that she believes may further her research. [if taken from Eminaire]
I found an Ayleid runestone fragment that seems to be part of a larger tablet. [if a fragment is found first]



  • Eminaire, northeast of Falinesti Winter Site;
  • Runestone Fragment on a beach south of Gil-Var-Delle



  • Search for fragments around the Ayleid ruins south of Gil-Var-Delle.
  • Take the fragments to Eminaire at an Ayleid ruin northeast of Falinesti Winter Site and southwest of Burroot Kwama Mine.




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