The Heart of the Beast is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Heart of the Beast Bestowal

"Fallen Grotto is under the control of Brinarch and his Reachmen."



  • Activate the Wards
  • Meet the Wyresses at the Altar
  • Talk to Wyress Linnae
  • Allow the Wyrd to Discuss
  • Let Wyress Linnae Know When You're Ready
  • You Left the Area
  • Wait for Wyress Linnae's Signal
  • Cut Out Wyress Nyronie's Heart
  • Place the Heart in the Bowl
  • Wait for the Ritual to Complete
  • Talk to Hircine's Statue
  • Talk to Nyronie's Spirit
  • Defeat Hircine's Aspect of Guile
  • Defeat Hircine's Aspect of Strength
  • Defeat Hircine's Aspect of Speed
  • Talk to the Spirit of the Hunt
  • Talk to Brinarch
  • Defeat Brinarch for the Briar Heart

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