The Will of the Woods is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Will of the Woods Bestowal

"The princess of Evermore is being cared for in the Viridian Woods, but her future is uncertain."



  • Find the Viridian Sentinel's Altar
  • Examine Princess Elara
  • Talk to Stenwick Gurles
  • Charge Stenwick's Amulet in the Fairy Rings
  • Return the Amulet to the Stenwick at His Hut
  • Administer the Salve to Princess Elara
  • Talk to Elara
  • Listen to the Wyrd
  • Talk to the Viridian Sentinel
  • Find the Voice of the Forest
  • Get a Pristine Bud from the Voice of the Forest
  • Bring the Bud to Wyress Demara's Camp
  • Wait for Princess Elara
  • Talk to Wyress Demara
  • Bless the Spriggan Bud at the Wyrd Camp
  • Talk to Elara at the Wyrd Camp
  • Go to the Sentinel's Home
  • Talk to the Sentinel
  • Gather the Essence of the Viridian Sentinel
  • Talk to Princess Elara at the lake altar
  • Bring the Amulet to the Altar
  • Start the Ritual with Elara
  • Start the Ritual
  • Talk to the Voice of the Forest
  • Ritual Complete
  • Complete the Ritual
  • Return to the Altar
  • Talk to Princess Elara

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