Trials and Tribulations is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Trials and Tribulations Bestowal

"After their defeat at Bangkorai Garrison, the Imperial forces retreated south, and King Emeric believes they will make their last stand here at the ancient temple known as the Hall of Heroes."




  • Listen to the King's Plan
  • Talk to Scout Nadira
  • Septima's Plans
  • Search for Clues to Septima's Plan
  • Enter the Hall of Heroes
  • Talk to the Keeper of the Hall
  • Find Frandar Hunding's Burial Chamber
  • Speak to Frandar Hunding
  • Scroll
  • Collect Scrolls from the Hall
  • Return Frandar's Scrolls (order: discipline, devotion, wisdom, sacrifice from left to right)
  • Find Divad Hunding's Burial Chamber
  • Speak to Divad Hunding
  • Light the Braziers in the Proper Colors
  • Find Makela Leki's Burial Chamber
  • Talk to Makela Leki's Spirit
  • Bring the Correct Sword to Makela Leki
  • Find the Entrance to the Chamber of Passage


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