Raiders at the Crossing is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Raiders at the Crossing Bestowal

"Imperials have been raiding Martyr's Crossing, and the Knights of Saint Pelin have wound up having to depend on the help of Baandari merchants for assistance."



  • Talk to Knight Commander Cheryline
  • Talk to Silver-Paws
  • Find the Baandari Herbalists
  • Kill Troll
  • Talk to Deepswimmer
  • Recover the Baandari Poultices
  • Hidden Step
  • Return to Knight Commander Cheryline
  • Talk to Crazy Eye
  • Defeat Imperial Raid
  • Find Imperial Raiders
  • Boat 2
  • Boat Tracker
  • Boat 1
  • Boat 3
  • Boat 4
  • Burn the Imperial Boats
  • Failed

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