Tongues of Stone is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Tongues of Stone Bestowal

"Lady Laurent, a traveling archeologist, has "lost" her assistant, Stibbons. She is trying to recover him from her research site."



  • Talk to Lady Laurent
  • Retrieve Lady Laurent's Alchemical Supplies
  • Bring Equipment to Lady Laurent
  • Find Lady Laurent
  • Escort Lady Laurent to her Ransacked Campsite
  • Find Laurent's Notes on the Stoneflesh Potion
  • Return the Notes to Lady Laurent
  • Find the Yokudan Carvings
  • Help Lady Laurent Find the Yokudan Inscriptions
  • Recover the Stolen Reagents from the Goblins
  • Add the Stoneflesh Potion to Goblins' Stew
  • Meet Lady Laurent at Hermit's Climb
  • Talk to the Hermit
  • Examine the Yokudan Inscription Copy
  • Get Information about Ruins from the Hermit
  • Help Lady Laurent Harvest a Gargoyle
  • Return to the Ransacked Camp
  • Use the Antidotes on Petrified Goblins
  • Return to Lady Laurent's Camp
  • Wait for Lady Laurent to Cure Stibbons
  • Talk to Stibbons

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