Tongues of Stone


Qharroa Ruins


Stoneskin Gloves
Very High Leveled Gold

Tongues of Stone is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Lady Laurent, a traveling archeologist, has "lost" her assistant, Stibbons. She is trying to recover him from her research site.



  • Adifa Dunestrider east of the ruins;
  • Lady Clarisse Laurent southwest of the ruins



  • Talk to Lady Clarisse Laurent.
  • Find Lady Laurent's alchemical supplies.
  • Go to the campsite.
  • Recover the stolen reagents.
  • Find the Yokudan inscriptions.
  • Talk to Lady Laurent.
  • Poison the goblin's stew.
  • Talk to Mareh the Hermit at Hermit's Climb.
  • Defeat a gargoyle.
  • Return to the camp.
  • Test the antidote on the goblins.
  • Return to Lady Laurent.




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