A Marriage in Ruins is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Marriage in Ruins Bestowal

"A Daedra has taken over Nilata Ruins. Having possessed a farmer's wife, the Daedra is luring travelers into her lair—likely to their doom."



  • Find Izzara
  • Destroy the Focus Stones
  • Meet Izzara At the Spell Key
  • Wait for Izzara to Destroy the Spell Key
  • Talk to Izzara
  • Unbind the Sacrifices
  • Find the Source of the Voice
  • Talk to Adeena
  • Allow the Sisters to Confront One Another
  • Decide Who Lives And Dies
  • Witness the Results of Your Decision
  • Kill Anexiel
  • Talk to the Daedra
  • Return to Najan
  • Wait for Izzara to Confront Najan
  • Talk to Najan
  • Wait for Adeena to confront Najan

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