The Waking Darkness


Pelin Graveyard


Crozier of St. Pelin
Very High Leveled Gold

The Waking Darkness is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Corpses are crawling out of the ground at Pelin Graveyard and taking up arms. Prince Adrien was to be entombed here.



  • Lort the Gravedigger



  • Find Prince Adrien's corpse.
  • Investigate the royal crypt.
  • Extinguish the blue flames.
  • Talk to Dame Valyrie Spenard at the south monument.
  • Defeat the spirits defiling the monuments.
  • Return to Father Quiston at the church.
  • Cleanse the mausoleums.
  • Talk to Dame Valyrie.
  • Get the key for the church.
  • Defeat Preinrha




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