The Waking Darkness is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Waking Darkness Bestowal

"Corpses are crawling out of the ground at Pelin Graveyard and taking up arms. Prince Adrien was to be entombed here."



  • Find Prince Adrien's corpse
  • Talk to Prince Adrien
  • Enter the Royal Crypt
  • Investigate the Royal Crypt
  • Examine the Candle Holder
  • Talk to Dame Valyrie
  • Extinguish the Blue Flames
  • Meet Dame Valyrie at the South Monument
  • Talk to the Priest
  • Defeat the Defiler at the West Monument
  • Defeat the Defiler at the North Monument
  • Meet Father Quiston at the Church
  • Listen to Prince Adrien
  • Enter the Mausoleums
  • Talk to the Blue Flames
  • Mausoleum
  • Cleanse the Mausoleums
  • Collect Key
  • Find a Way into the Church
  • Investigate the Church
  • Destroy Preinrha
  • Wait for Prince Adrien to be Put to Rest

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