The Charge of Evermore is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Charge of Evermore Bestowal

"Soldiers from Evermore were defeated at Murcien's Hamlet by a Reachman attack."



  • Talk to Squire Theo Rocque
  • Listen to Theo and Medya Zurric
  • Talk to Theo
  • Learn What Happened in Murcien's Hamlet
  • Check the Western Fortifications
  • Defend the Western Fortifications
  • Check the Fortifications
  • Check the Eastern Fortifications
  • Grab a Bucket of Water
  • Put out the fire
  • Check on Sir Etienne Hu
  • Examine Disrupted Dining Area
  • Examine Fallen Book
  • Examine Bloody Wash Basin
  • Investigate Sir Etienne's Fate
  • Talk to Rolbert Foucher
  • Search Inside Houses
  • Find the Site Medya Visits
  • Defeat Labhraidh
  • Bring Medya Zurric to Justice

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