Mistress of the Lake is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Mistress of the Lake Bestowal

"Followers of Hermaeus Mora have come to secure the ancient Ayleid ruins at Lake Halcyon, but they say a mysterious entity inhabiting the ruins has enslaved local villagers and is trying to subvert the laws of nature."



  • Collect Essence from a Wisp
  • Scrying Pool 2
  • Investigate the Essence Troughs
  • Scrying Pool 3
  • Scrying Pool 1
  • Find Apostle Marian
  • Talk to Apostle Marian
  • Captured Villager 4
  • Free the Captured Rain Disciples
  • Captured Villager 1
  • Captured Villager 3
  • Captured Villager 2
  • Return to Apostle Marian
  • Talk to Herald Kixathi
  • Choose Your Side

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