The Water Stone


Halcyon Lake, Bisnensel


Skystaff of Secrets
Average Leveled Gold

The Water Stone is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

The nereid of Halcyon Lake is trying to save the lake from eventually drying up by using ancient and forbidden secrets to create a Water Stone. Hermaeus Mora cultists called Primeval Seekers are trying to stop her, but I've agreed to help her.



  • Apostle Marian



  • Talk to Lorelia.
  • Collect the ayleid relics.
  • Take the relics to Lorelia.
  • Create the Water Stone.
  • Take the Water Stone to apostle Marian.
  • Defend Lorelia in her Sanctum.
  • Give Water Stone to Lorelia.
  • Talk to Lorelia.






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