Heart of Evil is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Heart of Evil Bestowal

"The only way to ensure Evermore's security and drive the Reachmen from northern Bangkorai is to defeat their leader, the Hagraven Uela. I have agreed to help the Wyresses in Jackdaw Cove toward this end."



  • Talk to Wyress Rashan
  • Dark Witness Totem
  • Burn the Totems
  • Talk to the Strange Crow
  • Meet Wyress Rashan at the Tower
  • Talk to the Crows' Spirits
  • Find the Door to Uela's Lair
  • Wait for Wyress Rashan to Weaken the Ward
  • Enter Uela's Lair
  • Defeat Hagraven Uela and Take Her Heart
  • Talk to the Crow
  • Wait for the Wyresses to Begin the Ritual
  • Throw the Heart in the Ritual Circle

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