Freedom's Chains


Kerbol's Hollow


Chausses of the Cured
Very High Leveled Gold

Freedom's Chains is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

Kerbol's Hollow is a town in Bangkorai fabled to have the power to cure any disease. Renoit Leonciele and his husband Draven seek whatever cure the village offers, though they don't know what the cost may be.



  • Renoit Leonciele



  • Talk to the guard in the cave.
  • Talk to Arienne Kerbol in the village.
  • Find Draven Leonciele.
  • Investigate the village.
  • Talk to Renoit Leonciele.
  • Head to the initiation ritual.
  • Find Draven.
  • Return to Renoit.
  • Choose who to help.
  • Go to the hillside cave.
  • Meet Renoit below the altar.




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