Quest: Daughter of Giants
Questgiver: The Prophet
Level: 10
Location: The Prophet contacts you at L10
Reward: Titanborn Family Signet, 260 gold, 1 Skill Point
Video Guide: Click here

Text Guide:
This quest becomes available upon reaching level 10. The Prophet will speak to you and ask you to come visit him. Do so to learn about his plan to free Lyris.
He will tell you that he has found Lyris Titanborn. Take the portal back to Coldharbour and speak with Lyris. Use caution, as many Dremora patrol the area. After speaking with her, lead her through the caves, completing the various objectives to help Lyris regain control of her mind.
After collecting all her items, you will enter a room where you will watch her speak with Sai Sahan. She will then urge you to hurry with the escape so she can speak with The Prophet. You will be led through a few more room, until you reach the boss, the Manifestation of Terror. It isn't very tough, it just has a lot of health to tear through. After killing it, go through the portal, watch the conversation the speak with The Prophet to complete the quest.
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