The Serpent's Fang


Ilthag's Undertower, Valley of Scars, Exarch's Stronghold


Unidentified Enchantment
Average Leveled Gold

The Serpent's Fang is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A Wood Elf named Little Leaf claims she's on a mission to stop the Iron Orcs from building a troll army. She tried to appeal to the Orc leaders, but diplomacy didn't work. Now she wants me to come along and try a more forceful approach.



  • Little Leaf



  • Meet Little Leaf in Ilthag's Undertower.
  • Kill Ilthag Ironblood.
  • Talk to Little Leaf.
  • Meet Little Leaf at the Valley of Scars.
  • Kill the armorer and the runescriber.
  • Enter Exarch's Stronghold.
  • Kill Exarch Braadoth.
  • Talk to Little Leaf outside the stronghold.




  • Next Quest: Holding Court
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