Thunderous Volley Set is one of the Weapon Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of Orsinium DLC, and has 1 bonus.

Bow - Dwemer

Bind on Pickup 

Thunderous Volley
set line

LEVEL 50  champion CHAMPION 160

(2 items) Increases the damage Volley deals by 430 each tick. This bonus increases by 191 every time Volley ticks. Stacks up to a maximum of 8 times.
(Perfected) Grants up to 526 Critical Chance.




Thunderous Volley Set Guide

  • Type of Set: Weapon Set
  • Required Content: Orsinium DLC
  • Recommend For: Stam DPS
  • Value: High
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Hard
  • Transmute crystal cost:



How to Get Thunderous Volley Set

  • Thunderous Volley Set has a Chance to drop from the last Boss in Veteran Maelstrom Arena


Builds that uses Thunderous Volley Set




Thunderous Volley Set Notes & Tips

  • A great set for boosting your AoE damage if you are a Stam DPS in PvE.
  • This set has only: The Maelstrom's Bow.
  • The damage of this set is NOT affected by champion points.
  • Once the set piece is in your Collections, you can create an account-bound piece of the set using Transmute Crystals.




Thunderous Volley Set Pieces

the maelstroms bow maelstrom weapons eso wiki



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