This time, we bring you the Resto Warrior, a build that will keep you and your allies fighting on in the thick of any battle. By DavidJimmy. 12.05.2014

"Today, we're featuring a front-line support loadout with a dark secret."

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I built my character to be like my Skyrim (and, well, Oblivion) character that I enjoyed so much. He was a two-handed, heavy-armored warrior with Restoration magic. Obviously, the Templar was my pick in this. While both of my action bars are mainly DPS, I focus my hero on being able to dish out decent damage and provide group support.


Cleave (Carve): This ability has interesting uses. It is an AoE cone that does damage and places a bleed on enemies hit. The morph bonus gives me much-needed ultimate points for everyone hit.
Critical Charge (Stampede): In Skyrim, when dealing with casters or ranged, I had to do a little strafe dance while running up to them. In ESO, Stampede allows me to quickly get to my enemies with good critical damage. The immobilize keeps them in place to let me attack them or (in PvP) RUN AWAY!
Reverse Slash (Executioner): Since a couple of my abilities are meant for support, the Executioner morph allows me to dish out some servings of death. Basically a killing blow attack, this does more damage based on target health loss. The morph ability also gives my attacks extra damage on targets below 25% health (like dual wielding).
Rushed Ceremony (Breath of Life): This is my pop heal. Like in Skyrim, where I would switch hands and bathe myself in healing light, this allows me to quickly heal myself or an ally. The morph also gives lesser healing to two others. I've saved more healers in groups than I can count.
Restoring Aura (Radiant Aura): This is a must-have for group situations! While the passive regeneration increase is nice, using this regularly during fights (when I'm not saving healers) allows myself and allies to use our stamina-based abilities more often. The morph increases the active range. It's also great for cross-country running.
Ultimate - Soul Strike: I have just earned this, but it is proving very useful. This beam of heavy damage slows the target for the duration and has good range to boot. Pairing it with Carve lets me use it regularly.


Cleave (Carve): Again! Yes, I use it for the AoE, but I really need it for the ultimate gain.
Silver Bolts (Silver Leash): Yep, you guessed it—my secondary is a Daedra/undead-killing build (with a twist). The knockdown is the moneymaker on this ability, and the damage pop is always fun. I picked leash because I need to get to my enemies, and without charge I decided to just bring them to me.
Expert Hunter (Evil Hunter): This ability gives my attacks a chance to deal extra damage to my extraordinary enemies. The morph gives me stamina back when it activates. Also, the duration increases with killing sprees. Basically, when I use this, I get more stamina and damage. I pity the poor vamps that I pull off those keep walls.
Breath of Life and Radiant Aura come back because I'm such a supporting guy.
Ultimate - Werewolf Transformation (Pack Leader): Here is the kicker! I have a build to beat myself! This is my boss burn ability. Pack Leader also goes back to the support idea in giving allies bonus ultimate gain. I would have loved to be a white werewolf in Skyrim.

Well, that's my character in ESO. He's a Resto Warrior with an ironically darkish side. With heavy armor, I can take a few hits and sort of off-tank lesser enemies in large fights. I throw out burst heals for quick recovery and keep my buddies pounding happily on our foes.

Thanks to DavidJimmy for sending in this detailed build

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