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By: Endless Hostility
The Hostility build is for Sorcerer tanking. It can be done and done well in dungeon settings so this is not just a fun build, nor can it only tank. The premise is based on a Sword and Board primary weapon set with the powerful Thundering Presence defensive benefits--static damage plus proximity aggro--as well as the modest self healing damage of degeneration.
Versatility is a staple of the Hostility build progression. Since you will be working Storm Calling to max and the other 2 sorcerer lines as needed you won't lose a DPS or support build alternative. Min-Max for tanking and DPS would be a challenge but with a little planning you will be able to play either role effectively. Support or CC is very doable.
The second weapon set will act as supplementary skills. You could still run a pure DPS destruction set or push crowd control, nice builds are out there, but we won't focus on that here because this is about tanking. The second weapon set will be used in battle for and extra 2 abilities to support heal, AoE or damage burn, or CC as needed.
Immunities are not a staple of this line. Armor & spell resistance are. Learn to block, dodge, & jump like a boss.
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High Elf for elemental benefits--anything that increases degeneration and thundering presence is a plus. A Magicka regen % race wouldn't be terrible either

Skill Points

49 to health. Use armor glyphs to tweak your Magicka and Stamina Ratios.


This build is not born, it's refined. Start off with your sorcerer lines. Mix your armor for versatility later (I went 5 heavy, 2 Light). Sanguin Alter (Undaunted) can be a help. Degeneration (Mages Guild - Entropy) will be a big deal so get those lorebooks and morph it fast. A pet makes levelling easier. Later you won't want one, but Hardened Ward can be an tanks friend for the open spell slot so consider levelling Daedric Summoning. Resto staff is suggested because Mutagen leveling will give you the healing bump you're missing early on but if you know that you don't want to support then dual wield for the self heal morph or destruction staff for leveling DPS won't hurt.
Around level 20-25 if you've been keeping up with your skyshards and lorebooks you will start to come into your own. Then the fun begins.


You get 5 spells and an ultimate. 1 of those spells is and open slot. I prefer Endless fury (range pull/dps burn) and Hardened Ward, but Sanguin Alter can be a big support ability in boss fights. You'll see what I mean in a minute, but tanking mobs is about Thundering presence + Degeneration. Keep Thundering up at all times unless mobs are stunned or using an ability that only requires range dodging. So throw Thundering, run in and hit 2-3 mobs with degeneration for your heals and start taunting.
Taunts keep aggro in ESO, period. Proximity + DoT help your hate but they won't keep it on pull so Taunt fast or throw and endless fury. Eventually you will get your Undaunted taunt, Inner Fire/Beast, and life becomes easier when you need group aggro if you want to waste a slot for it.
Refresh and reapply these often. High defense, passive damage from AoE and dots, and self heals

Weapon Set 1

+Thundering presence
+Hardened Ward
+Ransack (or Inner Beast)
+Endless Fury
+Energy Overload

Weapon Set 2

+Ransack (or Inner Beast)
1H & shield - Power Surge, Sanguin Alter, Bolt Escape/Shielded Assault (gap closers)
Restoration - Siphon + Power Surge
Dual Wield - Blood Craze (get moar health)

Magicka Recovery

The heavy armor and 1H detracts from magicka regen. I keep a 5/2 Heavy to light armor ratio most of the time (you won't miss it) giving some of the passive regen from the light line. Reduction Jewelry and regen food are nice. Set items rock. The Warlock set early on help (I kept mine way past lvl 16). Degeneration is cheap and Thundering presence is the only other requirement. Power Surge (after morph of course) is efficient, even if expensive, damage. Pace it out and switch on your ultimate if needed.


Energy Overload is great. Switch on and off at will and it's free magicka. Throw a taunt and then you have 15 sec to light attack for +magicka until you need another taunt. If you don't have the mages guild taunt loaded then you will need to switch off for a ransack taunt, but by then you should have another 100-150 magicka from this ultimate.
Absorption field gives you group dispel/heal support. This is my set 2 ultimate.


Storm Calling

Energy Overload
Endless Fury
Thundering Presence
Power Surge
+ all Passives

Dark Magic

Absorption Field Dispel to heal
Crystal Fragments
Encase/Rune for CC versatility
+Unholy Knowledge Passive

Daedric Summoning

Unstable Clanfear
Winged Twilight
Hardened Ward

1 Hand and Shield


Restoration (Optional)

Force Siphon ** Health Leach
+Cycle of Life
+Absorb/Restoration Expert Passives

Dual Wield (Optional)

Blood Craze (health+hit)
+Damage Passives

Light Armor

Evocation Passive
Recovery Passive

Heavy Armor

+Passives (except Juggernaut)

Mages Guild

+Passives (except Magicka Controller)


Sanguin Alter
Inner Beast

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