Player Caminator has sent us his favorite build, the True Assassin, for today's article. Whether you're right on your target's heels or holed up waiting for the perfect shot, this build provides you with all the options a well-prepared assassin needs. Sharpen your daggers and read on to learn the secrets of this deadly build. 04.08.2014

"This player-build arms you with the tools to take out any mark silently and efficiently."

A True Assassin can kill a target from a distance or from right behind its back using any available resource. I am Caminator and I am a Nightblade. I don't focus on magicka or stamina exclusively, because I use them both equally. I consider both of my weapon choices to be my primary implements, and I switch between them as the situation demands. For my first weapon set, I use a bow to take targets out from a distance, while for my second set, I dual wield daggers. I split up my attributes by my weapon set—my bow primarily uses stamina, and my daggers utilize magicka for my Nightblade abilities.
Both weapon sets are used to take out a single target. The only AoE abilities are my ultimate and silver shards, which is still meant for single target takedowns.
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First Weapon Set

The Lethal Bow

  • Snipe (Lethal Arrow) – Snipe is a great way to start off a fight with my bow. Using Snipe at a far distance helps get some damage in before your opponent can get within melee range or to take out a target in just a few hits. It is a massive damage-dealing shot.
  • Silver Bolts (Silver Shards) – Silver Bolts is a great attack against a normal enemy due to its high damage, but against undead and Daedra, it's simply unfair to them. This attack is great to mix in with my other bow abilities to do a little bit of AoE and easily knock down an undead or Daedra with a 5% chance to pretty much kill them in one hit!
  • Strife (Swallow Soul) – Strife is crucial to an assassin's survivability in a group fight. Not only does it do a great deal of damage, but it also heals you for a portion of that damage! In many situations, I have found this to be a life-saving ability (especially due to the fact that I am a vampire).
  • Poison Arrow (Venom Arrow) – Another pure DPS attack, delivering a DoT and an interrupt to those pesky healers.
  • Scatter Shot (Magnum Shot) – Every archer needs a way to keep his distance from the enemy. Not only does Magnum Shot push your enemy away, it also pushes you back in case you are near a group of enemies. A great way to keep your distance when you are in danger.

Second Weapon Set

Deadly Daggers

  • Twin Slashes (Blood Craze) – This weapon set is used for magicka-based attacks, but I need at least one stamina attack just to kind of even it out. Blood Craze applies a DoT bleed effect while recovering your health over the time of that effect. Getting close and personal with these daggers, you will need some healing with your damage.
  • Assassin's Blade (Killer's Blade) – Deals a good bit of damage which is increased by up to 300% when used on a low-health enemy. If you kill your opponent with this attack, you receive 15% of your max health back! It's a great finisher.
  • Strife (Swallow Soul) – Used for the same reason as with the bow; a crucial skill.
  • Veiled Strike (Surprise Attack) – Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the highlight of my build! This ability is absolutely amazing, and it's the highest-damage ability in my build—if you know how to use it.
  • Shadow Cloak (Shadowy Disguise) – If this isn't on your skill bar, upgraded, then Veiled Strike is just another attack. This skill gives you invisibility for a short time, which grants up to 90% critical chance. I know... amazing.


  • Bat Swarm (Devouring Swarm) – Deals some DoT damage while healing me. Very useful if you are a vampire due to the fact that your health regen is decreased. For those who are not vampires, there is an alternate ultimate to use:
  • Soul Shred (Soul Tether) – A high damage AoE attack with a stun and a health leaching effect. How awesome is that? Very awesome.

Okay, so you have the abilities readied, but how do you use them? Well, there are many ways to use these powerful skills to take out the mark. Here are my main two methods:
1) Stealth up to an enemy, activate Shadowy Disguise, then use Surprise Attack and BOOM, massive damage. Your enemy is either dead or livin' on fumes. Except, of course, for bosses or enemies that have a lot more health than the average Joe. Pop that attack, then use your other Nightblade abilities until your magicka is low, then quickly switch sets, pop Magnum Shot to build some distance, and start shooting away.
2) Start off from a distance with Snipe, which will stun your enemy and give you time to charge up your heavy shot followed by an instant Venom Arrow. Once your stamina is low, switch sets, Shadowy Disguise, Surprise Attack, and there—your enemy is stunned again. It won't do as much damage as a starting backstab would, but it stuns them while you switch sets and prepare to destroy them at close range.
Hope you guys find my build useful! And to you fellow assassins, Hail Sithis!

Thanks again to Caminator for sharing his build!
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    • Anonymous

      Recently started this build and it is a lot of fun for PVE if you enjoy being a thief or assassin and also really strong for delves. Personally I have found that the best duel wield is Axe + Dagger with a Bow as my backup and for starting off when taking out large groups. Shadow skills and assassin skills are vital (obviously) but it’s pretty easy to build. For the stats at level 33 I have about 25 Stam, 2 Health and about 5 Magika with almost all my glyphs running stamina.

      • Anonymous

        How is this a build? You gave nothing more than skills... no set builds.. no cp... this is the most vague build I've seen on the net... worthless and waste of my time. Thanks

        • Anonymous

          Hey man, I'm kinda new to the game...let's just say I'm a complete noob. So you mentioned that you switch between Stamina and Magicka, will it work if I'm a Breton (Magicka Based Race)?

          • Anonymous

            This here is what I was looking for, I'm a Bosmer so it's perfect, thanks for sharing brother/sister. May the Night Mother speak to you some day! Hail Sithis!

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