Player Daan Schreuder submitted today's featured build, a rogue that can surprise his foes, drain their health, and keep it all to himself. Read on if you want to learn how to become just as deadly! 07.07.2014

"Strike from the shadows and make it out of battle alive with this new player build."

Hello, my name is Elusid .
I'm a Breton born and raised in the city of Daggerfall. When I got the choice, I was sure I wanted to be a Nightblade. During the beta tests, I was more of a burst damage type of Nightblade; you know, lots of stamina, high damage but low defense—which means little to no survivability.
At launch, I wanted to change that. I tried a lot of different skills and tested on enemies which were mostly higher-level than I was at the time. I mixed all sorts of abilities and tried a lot of different tactics. After a month, I finally became the character I am now.
I like to call myself a Blood Rogue. I siphon health from my enemies to stay alive while dealing some nice damage. I wear a mix of heavy and medium armor: medium for sneak and stamina bonuses and heavy for defense. After all, why should I drain HP when I don't have the defense to keep it? I'm using dual wielding mostly (I prefer swords) and use a bow when in a group or if I need to kill something from a distance. I've also got some skill with the restoration staff, but I don't use it very often.
By the way, I chose Breton just because I used to be a Breton in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and I liked their passives. Also I wanted to experience their culture—I really like the difference in cultures in The Elder Scrolls universe).
But enough about me; let me tell you about the skills and tactics I use.
external image e8e8850f10a0394a9ee176fa68c4f01c.jpg


Strife (Swallow Soul): I think it's pretty obvious why I use this: it gives me HP back for the damage I deal, so as long as I keep fighting, I'll survive. That's a nice thought when fighting a boss. It also pumps up the healing I receive. This is always nice, and I secretly hope this works with my other heal over time abilities, but I'm not sure about that. Oh, I almost forgot—I also use this to deal damage from a distance when I don't feel like getting my bow.
Twin Slashes (Blood Craze): I'm a so-called Blood Rogue, so I need at least one ability with "blood" in it. No, but seriously, I love this skill. It's my main source of DPS, and I think the animation looks cool. It does nice damage and also bleeds (hence the name) the enemy. Of course, the damage caused by bleeding heals me, and I'm not even a vampire!
Assassin's Blade (Killer's Blade): I've had this ability since the dawn of my ESO adventure. It feels so good to just finish my enemy with a quick stab. I just carefully watch my enemy's HP drop down, and when the time is right my finger automatically goes to my "3" button. Or, as I like to call it, the "kill, kill, kill" button. To top it off, I get some HP back when killing someone with this skill. Because of a passive, it also grants me insane magicka regeneration, which means I can go right on to the next enemy to drain the life out of it!
Entropy (Degeneration): Ah, good old Degeneration. Great skill. This is the first skill I use on an enemy, and when there's more than one target, I use it on all of them before going mad with Swallow Soul and Blood Craze. This skill does nice damage over time and restores my health at the same time. It also makes my normal light and heavy attacks (which I use between spamming Blood Craze) even more useful by giving them a chance to drain HP.
Siphoning Strikes (Leeching Strikes): This is like the best thing that ever happened to me in online gaming. Sure, it decreases my damage output, but it gives me tons of health, magicka, and stamina, which means I'll never run out of them. Well, I sometimes run out of health of course, but that's part of the circle of ESO isn't it? This skill is just amazing. I can spam abilities for ages and somehow, the decrease in damage dealing doesn't really bug me since I still deal a fair amount of damage.
Ultimate - Soul Tether: It's like a safety net. Whenever I'm in trouble, I just press my ultimate button and bang! I'm back to full health (mostly) and did some nice damage to one enemy.
That's it for the dual-wielding madman, now let's head over to the bow.
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Strife (Swallow Soul): I'm using this skill for the same reason I use it when dual wielding, magic DPS and healing.
Poison Arrow (Venom Arrow): This is like my ranged version of Blood Craze. It does nice damage and also fires a damage over time effect. The damage over time doesn't heal me this time, though. But what it does do is interrupt those pesky casters by putting them off balance when they cast a spell. I kind of spam this ability after I use my life steal, so they really don't have much chance to cast any spells. Take that, Crystal Shard users!
Agony (Malefic Wreath) or Shadow Cloak (Dark Cloak): Both of these are great abilities, and I'm still not sure which one to use. I think I'll just be switching them around. Malefic Wreath is great in either PvP or PvE. Snaring people in PvP feels so good, especially when I'm safe hiding on a keep wall. In PvE, I mostly use it to snare one enemy while I kill the other one or two. It relieves me of some stress. Then again, Dark Cloak is really useful too. In PvP, I use it to get away when I see a big enemy army coming and I know I don't stand a chance. Might as well stay alive and report what I see so others can develop some kind of plan. In PvE, I mostly use it for mobility. Whenever I see something that interests me but there are a lot of enemies in the way and I don't feel like fighting through, I use this ability. I get a whole lot of treasure this way!
Entropy (Degeneration): Still the same effect as before in my dual wielding skill line. I use it the same way and it works great with my bow, too!
Siphoning Strikes (Leeching Strikes): Even with my bow this skill is great. Casters don't stand a chance because thanks to this, I can sort of spam Venom Arrow. Between the Venom Arrow attacks, I use normal weapon attacks to refill my stamina bar. If this skill existed in real life I would be so happy.
Ultimate - Soul Tether: Again, my safety net.
That's it for the skill bars, but what's a character build without attributes?
I use this:
  • Health: 10
  • Magicka: 19
  • Stamina: 20
I don't need a whole lot of health because I regenerate most of it really fast. That's why I focused on my other stats.
I have slightly more stamina than magicka, even though four of five abilities use magicka. I don't really spam those abilities, so by the time I need them, I have plenty of magicka to use them thanks to my huge regeneration. Stamina regenerates somewhat slower because I spam stamina abilities and block/sneak a lot. Sometimes I wonder why I haven't changed to an Argonian yet, since lizards have a huge regeneration ability.
Anyway, thank you for reading; I hope you enjoyed.
See you in Tamriel!

Thanks to Daan for sending in this build.

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