We received this detailed build from player Asrial Solara, who has combined Templar abilities with the bow, dual wielding, and a bit of sword and board to take on any challenge foolish enough to stand in her way. Take a look—maybe it's just the kind of build you've been looking for! 18.08.2014

"This ferocious player build combines durability and brutality in equal measure."

The Agile Tiger Tank
Move like the butterfly, sting like the bee, and endure like the oak tree!
My character is a Khajiiti Templar named Asrial Solara. She is heavily-armed and wears leather as strong as steel but light as a feather (a five-piece Hist Bark outfit that gives 230+ poison resist and 200 dodge when blocking). Her armor is enchanted with lots of health bonuses, and a bit of magicka. She started out as an archer until she stumbled on a pair of exquisite blades in her teens, which is when she became a spear-charging, spot-healing flurry of sharpened steel! When she grew more experienced and discovered the means to create Hist Bark armor, her tanking side was born. She sought out the Mundus Stone of the Lady for an additional armor boon and started crafting Divines traits into her gear. Armed with a Defending Mace of Shielding, she cracks skulls while keeping her allies alive by being their shield, actively charging around the battlefield taunting and jabbing foes.
Asrial normally adventures using primarily dual-wielding-focused skills combined with secondary bow and healing skills. When it's time to delve dungeons with allies, out comes her shield as she switches to skills meant to make her the center of attention as long as possible so everyone else can focus on healing or slaying. Asrial is my Agile Tiger Tank!
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Dual Wielding (favors a sword and dagger combo, but any one-hander will do)
Focused Charge (Explosive Charge): I usually lead with this skill to charge into foes with morphed AoE damage and a magic spear (and helmet!). This skill combines quick movement and good damage along with interrupts and stuns.
Blinding Light (Blinding Flashes): A 50% chance of putting all the enemies around you off balance and forcing them to miss attacks makes this skill effective for taking on small or large groups. Couple this skill with the Ruffian Dual Wield passive skill (extra damage to off-balanced targets) and you are able to have quite a bit of fun destroying the group of baddies around you while taking substantially less damage in return.
Flurry (Blinding Flurry): Most of my build is magic intensive, but it's always good to have a stamina-based skill or two available. I love Flurry because it's six consecutive attacks and each one (I think) has the ability to cause a weapon effect. Watching my enemies fry, boil, freeze, or turn to ash depending on what weapons I use just makes a finishing move that much more epic!
Puncturing Strikes (Biting Jabs): One of my favorite spells. This targets a cone of enemies in front of me, and it deals a lot of damage over several strikes. Combined with the Burning Light passive skill (which adds a chance for even more damage on each strike), this has made many a foe fall to an Explosive Charge followed by a Biting Jabs combo.
Solar Flare (Solar Barrage): Using the Solar Barrage morph at first was a huge change from Solar Flare since it went from ranged to a self-targeted AoE, but I quickly appreciated the ability to charge into a small group of tough foes and hit them quickly with my Solar Barrage, followed by either a strong regular attack or a taste of my Biting Jabs. Quick response when you're toe-to-toe with your enemies can sometimes make the difference between victory and defeat.
Ultimate - Nova (Solar Prison): Calling down a glowing meteor to smite and weaken your foes plus a synergy that explodes for high amounts of damage which includes a stun effect ... pure, unadulterated fun! As others have said, only the toughest enemies are still standing when this beauty goes off, and anything left alive is going to be in serious pain. I swap this out for the Werewolf Ultimate now and again to surprise groups for the heck of it.


Bow (ranged death—comes in many flavors)
Silver Bolts (Silver Shards): I love using this against Daedric foes as the chance to banish makes for a wonderful cleansing experience, plus knocking several foes down at once is more than satisfying as it could give allies a chance to recover.
Piercing Javelin (Binding Javelin): While the bow skill tree has a knockback skill, actually creating a javelin out of thin air and hurling it at your foe, impaling it and knocking it back, is too much fun not to use. Plus, most of the skills here are stamina-based, so having a knockback skill that uses magicka gives me more combat endurance.
Poison Arrow (Venom Arrows): A staple of my bow technique, I usually lead with this for any given foe. It's hard to beat the damage over time, especially if I have to move and shoot a lot. If I'm using my bow skills, it nearly always means I'm moving quite a bit, like when I need to kite a big baddie.
Rushed Ceremony (Breath of Life): This is an emergency heal that should be used sparingly, but having the ability to instantly self-heal when needed does wonders for surviving tough battles. It's morphed so that allies can be healed quickly in times of need, as well.
Arrow Spray: Sometimes there's a pack of enemies that just need to all get shot at the same time, and Arrow Spray answers this need quite nicely.
Ultimate - Rite of Passage (Practiced Incantation): Sometimes everyone in the group needs a quick pick-me-up. This ultimate healing spell usually heals everyone back to full and gives us that breath of rest sorely needed to turn the tide of battle towards victory. There have been boss fights where I tanked and had to pause to use Rite of Passage as everyone was nearly defeated, and many ended up victorious after its use, with one group member stating after one such victory “that was epic.” Victory from the jaws of defeat makes for those grand battles you remember long afterwards.


PRIMARY SKILLS - (secondary skills are the same as outlined above)

Sword and Shield (Defending trait is helpful here, so is shielding enchant)
Focused Charge (Explosive Charge): Charging into battle is what any good tank wants to do, right? I use this to move around the battlefield trying to corral enemies, protect the squishies, and interrupt/stun where possible.
Puncturing Strikes (Biting Jabs): Sometimes a good offensive is needed to turn the tide of battle. I use my high-damage cone attack to help clear out small groups. It's also handy for getting the attention of several enemies at once and having them attack me instead of the squishies in my party. Not exactly a taunt, but it has been effective nonetheless.
Puncture (Ransack): My single stamina skill, which is also my primary taunt, physical attack, and debuff. This baby sports a 15-second taunt, debuffs the target's armor 40%, and with the morph it also buffs my own armor, usually maxing out my soft-cap and overcharging my armor total for the duration.
Rune Focus: Super self-defense bonuses to armor and spell resistance. If my group is having survival issues, I replace this with the Fighters Guild Circle of Protection skill to give everyone a large boost to armor and spell resist.
Sun Shield: Even though activating this skill causes my magicka to stop regenerating for a bit, damaging all enemies around me while absorbing damage taken is something that has helps me wade through the thickest of combat situations with relative ease. The combo of Explosive Charge, followed by Sun Shield, Rune Focus, and Biting Jabs, while my allies pour down AoE death upon the group I charged into, usually wipes out all but the toughest in short order.
Ultimate - Nova (Solar Prison): Using this ultimate is quite fun when tanking, too!
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