A well-trained warrior in heavy armor can be intimidating enough on the battlefield, charging into the fray and ignoring all but the mightiest blows. Now imagine that warrior clothed in a mantle of lightning, the smell of ozone and sharp crackle of the storm's fury combining with the cries of enemies fleeing in terror. Electrifying, right? Sorry, we couldn't help it. Today's build, submitted by Cole Schnitzer, will show you how to turn your Sorcerer into a fully-armored master of the storm.

" What happens when you cross a lightning-wielding Sorcerer with giant two-handers and full plate? Find out in today's player build."

This is a build that I use on my High Elf Sorcerer named Alenric. I made the character with the intent to show a friend of mine that a mage can be effective even if they are not wearing robes. Alenric wears heavy armor and wields a massive two handed sword. He uses the giant two-hander as a lightning rod of sorts to superpower his attacks. However, because he is a storm-calling mage, even baddies at range can't escape his statically-charged fury.

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Critical Charge (Critical Rush): This is my gap closer, and (better yet) if the baddie tries to run away, they only end up taking more damage.
Lightning Splash (Liquid Lightning): If there is a group of baddies or even just one, I can hit them with liquid lightning with its bonus first-strike damage, and if any allies are nearby they can activate the high-damage conduit synergy.
Mage's Fury (Endless Fury): Another excellent ranged ability that does massive damage to low health targets, and then restoring most of the magicka spent on it when the enemy dies.
I use Momentum or Reverse Slash (Reverse Slice) depending on the fight. When I want to completely overpower an enemy with massive damage, few can last very long against Momentum paired with Surge. With decent base damage and damage scaling up after an enemy drops below half health, Reverse Slice is great for quickly slaying tough enemies after they drop below that threshold.
Uppercut (Wrecking Blow): The bonus damage that this ability gives is massive when paired with a heavy attack and surge; it also makes baddies take a seat.
Surge: For that extra-electrically-charged overkill. Right before I close the gap with Critical charge, I activate this skill, giving all my attacks an extra shocking punch that any storm-calling mage would want.
Ultimate - Overload (Power Overload): I mostly use this power when I'm in a tough spot or just feel like enacting a certain scene involving "Unlimited POWERRRR!!!"
In addition to using a two-hander, I use a sword and shield for those especially hard-hitting enemies. Using magic, I can charge my armor with electricity—quite literally supercharging it and arcing bolts of electricity to any enemies that dare come close. This allows me to quickly and effectively round up groups. The only downside is that, while this set is very much focused on damage mitigation through increased armor, I have no way of regaining health, making me reliant on a healer. I mostly use this build in groups and group dungeons.


Puncture (Ransack): Any tank worth their stuff should have this on their skill bar, with the threat that it generates and with the morphs giving additional armor, this only adds to my already high armor rating.
Shield Charge (Shield Assault): Another gap closer; it allows me to get into the middle of a group I just snared to activate Thundering Presence and quickly build threat on groups of enemies. It also serves well for bosses that like to drop aggro and chase after one of my teammates. The morph gives me a short burst of damage mitigation and a buffer for a healer to react to any damage I might take in the first few seconds of battle.
Encase (Restraining Prison): An excellent way to control crowds of enemies, it allows me to close the gap and start building threat before the baddies can disperse and go after my group. With the morph, it snares enemies even after the effect has ended, giving me more time to round them up.
Lightning Form (Thundering Presence): This ability allows me to gather groups and get even more armor. The constant AoE damage makes groups of enemies focus on me instead of my teammates in addition to acting as a DoT to those tougher enemies; the morph makes this ability last longer to give me more time to worry about keeping the boss occupied—not about when I need to activate the skill again.
Bound Armor (Bound Aegis): Just to overkill the armor that my character has! With all of the extra armor, I am virtually a walking fortress, surviving even the hardest-hitting blows. Although I am a little disappointed that the morphs for Bound Armor don't look any different from the original skill, I'm happy with the armor bonus from this ability.
Ultimate - Negate Magic (Suppression Field): I chose this over the Storm Atronach because while the Atronach can take some heat off of me in tough situations, Suppression Field not only stuns enemies caught inside it, but also silences them which gives bonuses to some builds and removes the baddie's ability to cast spells; with the morph it also gives a massive bonus to magic resistance to teammates inside the bubble.
I have always been a fan of unconventional builds, especially those that stray completely away from the cookie-cutter picture many of us hold on certain classes. Who ever said that a mage has to wear robes and run around with a staff? My Sorcerer Alenric is just as powerful wearing his full plate and wielding his lightning rod two-handed sword.

Thanks to Cole for sending in this build.
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