Perfect Razor Shot Set is one of the Weapon Sets in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). This Set is part of Murkmire DLC, and has 2 bonuses.

Bow - Honor Guard

Bind on Pickup 

Perfect Razor Shot


(2 items) 666 Weapon Critical
(2 items) Scatter Shot applies a poison damage after a delay that deals 65% of your initial attack every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. The duration increases if you are further away from your target to a maximum of 12 seconds.




Perfect Razor Shot Set Information

  • Type of Set: Weapon Set
  • Required Content: Murkmire DLC
  • Recommend For: Stam DPS
  • Value: Medium
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Hard



How to Get Perfect Razor Shot Set



Perfect Razor Shot Set Notes & Tips

  • A great Set for PvP where you wan to keep the enemy away and deal increased damage.




Perfect Razor Shot Set Pieces





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