Quest: Trials of the Burnished Scales
Quest giver: Azinar
Location: Hissmir
Reward: Cuirass of the Fang, 377 gold
Note: Jaraleet - Hist Sap, Betzi - Stone, Awas - Axe
Video Guide: Click here


  • Talk to Chimatei
  • Enter the Trial of the Mind
  • Complete the Trial of the Mind
  • Place Kothringi Axe in Chest(Hidden)
  • Place Zaht Stone Gems in Chest(Hidden)
  • Place Vial of Hist Sap in Chest(Hidden)
  • Talk to Chimatei
  • Leave the Ruins(Hint)
  • Go to First Waypoint
  • Go to Second Waypoint or Go to Second Waypoint(Complete one)
  • Go to Third Waypoint
  • Escort Leetu Back to Hissmir
  • Talk to Nazuux
  • Talk to Bimee-Kas
  • Talk to Bimee-Kas
  • Drink the Root Rot Poison
  • Complete the Trial of the Fang
  • Failed the Trial of the Fang
  • Talk to Bimee-Kas

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