Clarity is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Clarity Bestowal

" Feyne Vildan's husband Ja-Reet won't speak since his ordeal with the Dominion. I must find a way to heal him."



  • Speak with Feyne Vildan in the southeast of Percolating Mire.
  • Enter Tree-Minder Fal-Xoc's hut in southeast Percolating Mire and speak with her.
  • Enter Mushroom Cave to the east of Percolating Mire.
  • Retrieve the Lanceata Pholiota.
  • Return to Tree-Minder Fal-Xoc's hut and speak with her to consume to Lanceata Pholiota.
  • Exit the hut and find the memories in Ja-Reet's past.
  • Speak to the Spirit of the Hist by the Hist tree.
  • Confront and defeat Cerethil in the cave.
  • Destroy the binding crystals to be teleported back to Fal-Xoc's hut.
  • Report to Tree-Minder Fal-Xoc.
  • Exit the hut and speak with Ja-Reet.

Prerequisite Quest

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