Mud Tree Village


Stonegrinder's Dagger
Average Leveled Gold

Schism is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

An Argonian outside/in Mud Tree Village asked me to find his brother, Miharil. He was in the nearby mine when Goblins overran it. [if taken from one of Miharil's brothers]
There's been a Goblin uprising in Mud Tree Village, and Surii Dreth wants me to quell it. [if taken from Surii]



  • Sejaijilax, Napetui, Noyei-Heem, Surii Dreth



  • Talk to Surii Dreth
  • Enter the Mud Tree Mine
  • Save Eydvi Iron-Kettle
  • Save Lenam Sero
  • Save Miharil
  • Use Food Scraps to Distract Goblins(Hint)
  • Recover Goblin Totem from the Gnaw-Root War Chief
  • Use Food Scraps to Distract Goblins(Hint)
  • Find the Source of a Cry for Help
  • Goblins Subdued
  • Use the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem on Weakened Goblins(Hint)
  • Take the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Miharil's Hut Inside the Mine
  • Give the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Miharil or Give the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to
  • Thragnar the Breaker(Complete any one)
  • Talk to Miharil's brothers in Mud Tree Village
  • Talk to Surii Dreth in Mud Tree Village




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