A Pirate Parley is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Pirate Parley Bestowal

"S'jash has a plan to steal treasure from Dominion troops before they find out what happened to Tsanji, their contact in Alten Corimont."



  • Speak to S'jash in the cave to the southwest of the Graceful Dominator.
  • Reach the Graceful Dominator and enter the ship's hull.
  • Find the Dominion treasure.
  • Board the boat on the south shore of the peninsula to return to the Alten Corimont docks.
  • Speak to One-Eye standing near Pestleworthy Reagents.
  • Board the Blasted Breton and enter cabin in the rear of the Ship's Hold Inn.
  • Talk to One-Eye.
  • Speak to Vicecanon Servyna on the upper deck.

Prerequisite Quest

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