Strength of the Father


Atanaz Ruins, Hissmir


Chieftain's Greaves
Average Leveled Gold

Strength of the Father is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). 

Quest Information

In the depths of Atanaz Ruins I came across the corpse of Gordag, cooked in his armor by a beast that dwells there.





  • Read Gordag's journal.
  • Create an antidote.
  • Take the antidote to Mozgosh in Hissmir.


Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Read Gordag's Journal.
  2. Create an Antidote
    • Pick up / gather one of the indicated plants within the Ruins. (either Seriweed or Xthari can be picked up. Pick up the other plant afterwards to switch Antidote recipe)
  3. Complete One:
    • Use Seriweed Elixir on Mozgosh or Switch to Xthari Elixir(Complete one)
    • Use Xthari Elixir on Mozgosh or Switch to Seriweed Elixir(Complete one)
  4. Leave Atanaz Ruins(Hint)
  5. Travel to Hissmir(Hint)
    Route to continue quest, after Antidote created.
  6. Left Hissmir
  7. Talk to Mozgosh



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