Scales of Retribution is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Scales of Retribution Bestowal

"The Dominion established a foothold in the small town of Murkwater. The Argonian Shadowscales intend to take back the town by force."



  • Rescue Batar-Meej
  • Rescue Nuwisha
  • Rescue Radithax
  • Rendezvous with the Shadowscales
  • Signal Shadowscales to Save Townsfolk
  • Talk to Nuwisha(Optional Step)
  • Rescue Ushmeek
  • Rescue Neer
  • Rescue Okalg
  • Locate Haj-Tulm
  • Find the Relleis Lor Keystone
  • Ayleid Chest(Hidden)
  • Talk to Silent-Moss
  • Kill Khasar-dro and Velelya
  • Collect Fire Salts
  • Use Fire Salts Along the River
  • Throw from the River Shore(Hint)
  • Talk to Silent-Moss
  • Light Fire Salts
  • Talk to Pale-Heart
  • Talk to Pale-Heart

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