A Poisoned Heart is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A Poisoned Heart Bestowal

" While wading through the swamp, I stumbled into a cloud of roaming poison gas and passed out. Two Imperials rescued me and asked me to help them clean it up."


  • 223 Gold
  • 302 Gold
  • XP Gain: 2447 XP, 6080 VP


  • Collect a Wasp Husk
  • Talk to Rhea(Optional Step)
  • Bring the Husk to Rhea
  • Talk to Marius
  • Use the Enchanted Container to Collect Poison Gas
  • Place Container in the Cloud's Path(Hint)
  • Poison Gas
  • Give Rhea the Poison or Give Marius the Poison(Complete any one)
  • Talk to Rhea
  • Talk to Marius

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