Left at the Altar




Brigandine of Bergama
Average Leveled Gold

Left at the Altar is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

A Crown bride, Tiela, has been left at the altar because the Forebear groom, Casnar, hasn't shown up for the wedding. Both families are angry, and I've agreed to help settle the matter.



  • Jagnas



  • Talk to Jagnas.
  • Talk to Enneh at-Tarin.
  • Search for Casnar at-Tarin.
  • Talk to Uncle Thakh.
  • Fetch a wedding present.
  • Talk to Tiela.




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    • Anonymous

      There is a couple lying dead on the ground at the hollow waste dolmen. Between them lies a to-do list, hinting at them being newly weds, expecting a baby and... I think... Hinting at them being the couple from this quest! One of the things on the to-do list is burning the forbearer clothes and buying new crown clothes... Any Canon on this being the same couple?

      • Anonymous

        rage quit eso twice for months because of the stupid bar fight, i'm all magic but you can't touch anyone else in bar or else they call guards and give you huge bounty and my hand to hand ain't good and stupid npc's keep walking into me as i swing weapon. so every time you have to choose a new quest far from guards for ages just to try again!

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