Gone Missing




Justice Longbow
High Leveled Gold

Gone Missing is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

People are disappearing from the streets of Bergama, and I've decided to help investigate the matter.



  • Qadim



  • Entering Bergama, talk to Qadim to receive the quest.
  • Talk to Magistrate Sulma.
  • Speak with Justice Istah.
  • Investigate the Crown and Forebear fellowship halls, and the Hall of Judgment garden.
  • Note: In order to investigate the fellowship halls, put on the corresponding disguises; For the garden, find the
  • inconspicuous flower and do not move while listening to rumor.
  • Investigate the Bailiff's house.
  • Report to Justice Istah.
  • Investigate the Magistrate's house.






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