Gone Missing is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Gone Missing Bestowal

"People are disappearing from the streets of Bergama, and I've decided to help investigate the matter."



  • Talk to Magistrate Sulma
  • Leave the Hall of Judgment
  • Talk to Justice Istah
  • Gain Entry to Crown
  • Listen to Garden Rumor
  • Did Not Remain Inconspicuous
  • Listen to Crown Rumor
  • Remain Inconspicuous
  • Gain Entry to Forebear
  • Listen to Forebear Rumor
  • Investigate Bailiff Fakimal's House
  • Collect Key
  • Search House for Clues
  • Search Fakimal's Body
  • Collect Note
  • Watch the Magistrate put Istah in the stocks
  • Investigate the Magistrate's House
  • Search the Basement
  • Return Upstairs with Evidence
  • Speak to Istah

Notes, Prerequisite & Next Quest

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