Trouble at the Rain Catchers is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Trouble at the Rain Catchers Bestowal

" The Rain Catcher Fields, a sandy expanse of johads gathering water in large pools, has recently been overrun by beetles from the desert. "



  • Search the Worker Camps
  • Talk to Almur
  • Investigate the Johads
  • Investigate the Contaminated Johads
  • Talk to Overseer Jahi
  • Talk to Ohama
  • Buy a Lizard from Rena
  • Lost the Lizard
  • Use the Lizard whistle
  • Find Who Stole the Vial
  • Talk to Fermouzh
  • Search the House for Evidence
  • Follow Naseiran's Trail
  • Confront Naseiran
  • Decide Who Owns the Johads

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