The Impervious Vault


Sentinel, Impervious Vault


Yokudan Epaulets of the Withered Hand
Average Leveled Gold

The Impervious Vault is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

I met a talking monkey in Sentinel. The monkey claims he's really an Orc and that he was tricked by a Khajiit potion-maker named Unishi. He wants to be changed back.



  • Prince Azah



  • Talk to Prince Azah.
  • Talk to King Fahara'jad.
  • Meet with Gabrielle Benele at the Mages Guild.
  • Collect reagents from the Sentinel Bazaar.
  • Talk to Gabrielle and the King at the Impervious Vault.
  • Investigate the Vault.
  • Return to King Fahara'jad.




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    • Anonymous

      Anyone know what that weird blue mermaid creature hovering over broken rubble is? It's when you finish the Ansan Wards quest and take the portal.

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