Feathered Fiends is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Feathered Fiends Bestowal

"Kozanset, a small settlement in the deserts of Alik'r, is having harpy troubles."



  • Talk to Townsfolk about the Harpy Situation
  • Talk to Kabrahla
  • Talk to Foreman Malumah
  • Talk to Zihlran
  • Find the Magistrate
  • Talk to Magistrate Andrin at-Lehiel
  • Ask Leja at-Lehiel where she wants to meet
  • Talk to Leja at-Lehiel in Her Home
  • Talk to Leja at-Lehiel
  • Follow Leja at-Lehiel to the Balcony
  • Gather the Harpy Eggs throughout Kozanset
  • Bring the Harpy Eggs to Leja at-Lehiel in Town
  • Find a Suitable Hiding Spot
  • Eavesdrop on Mercenaries in the Warehouse
  • Meet with Leja at-Lehiel in her Home
  • Search for Leja by the Harpy Nests
  • Investigate the Body
  • Follow the Trail of Victims
  • Find Magistrate Andrin at-Lehiel
  • Gather Groups of Townsfolk
  • Talk to Leja at-Lehiel outside the Guardhouse
  • Confront the Mercenaries
  • Enter the Guardhouse
  • Retrieve the Matriarch's Body
  • Investigate the Guardhouse
  • Take the Harpy Matriarch to the Balcony

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