The Initiation is a Quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Initiation Bestowal

" On his deathbed, the chief of the Ash'abah says he has foreseen that I must join the tribe and defeat the Withered Hand. I must participate in an initiation ritual to become an Ash'abah."



  • Talk to Talia
  • Drink the Potion
  • Talk to Prince Haqmir
  • Go to the Courtyard
  • Listen to the King's Speech
  • Talk to the King
  • Collect Your Brother From His Tent
  • Reach the Elven Leader
  • Kill Kinlady Iniel
  • Enter the Crypt Passage
  • Enter the Palace
  • Talk to the Vizier
  • Talk to Prince Haqmir
  • Enter the Throne Room
  • Kill Wraithmaster Venerien
  • Exit the Throne Room
  • Leave the Palace

Prerequisite & Next Quest

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