The Initiation


Morwha's Bounty, Ash'abah Pass, Yokudan Palace


Helm of the Ash'abah
High Leveled Gold

The Initiation is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online. 

Quest Information

On his deathbed, the chief of the Ash'abah says he has foreseen that I must join the tribe and defeat the Withered Hand. I must participate in an initiation ritual to become an Ash'abah.



  • Marimah



  • Talk to Marimah and his daughter.
  • Drink the potion.
  • Talk to Prince Haqmir and King Xakhwan.
  • Defeat the Elven leader.
  • Enter the Palace.
  • Talk to Vizier Yeqdah and Prince Haqmir.
  • Return to Alik'r and talk to Talia.




  • Depending on your choice near the quest's end, either Sameer or Haqmir will be exiled and later start and lead the Ash'abah. This desicision of history doesn't provide any visible change to the player later on.



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