Draugr Dilemma




Barrow Brigandine
Leveled Gold

Draugr Dilemma is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

Draugr from a nearby barrow harass the Orcs of Gloorot's clan. A legendary hero named Narsis Dren agreed to help them, but he has yet to return from the ancient barrow.



  • Mazgroth, Borfree Dull-Blade



  • Speak to the adventurers outside Exile's Barrow or the Orcs in the nearby village.
  • Rescue Narsis Dren within the barrow and find the central chamber.
  • Explore both wings of the barrow to recover tablet pieces and investigate the four engravings.
  • Repair the tablets in the central chamber and activate them in the same order as the engravings.
  • Defeat Arthosiis‎.
  • Decide the fate of Dren, and return outside for your reward.




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