Blood and the Sacred Wards




Malacath's Final Word
Leveled Gold

Blood and the Sacred Wards is a quest in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Information

The Vosh Rakh attacked Fharun Stronghold, killing people in Trinimac's name. A dying archivist claimed they sought a secret sanctuary and the sacred words of Malacath that are hidden within.



  • Archivist Murboga



  • Talk to Archivist Murboga at the entrance to Fharun Stronghold.
  • Gather blood from the archivists.
  • Find Malacath's Shrine in the keep.
  • Read the Path of the Faithful for clues on how to proceed.
  • Find the sanctuary.
  • Bring the scroll to Orsinium for safekeeping.




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